Located in Cullman, Alabama
Established in 1999 and Still Rocking!

Groupon Code Redemption

Step 1- Begin by going to the “Make A Reservation” tab on the Skydive AL website.        


Step 2- Click on the date and time you would like to arrive.

Step 3- Fill out your name, email, and put the Groupon code into the “Notes” section

Step 4- Go to the bottom of the page (where you put in your name and email info) and hit go to “I have a Coupon” under jump choice and video option.

Step 5- Enter the code GROUPON (caps doesn’t matter- not case sensitive)


Step 6- Be sure to hit Apply Coupon!!!

Step 7- Coupon will be applied and you will see “Applied for a $219.00 discount”… It defaults to “Pay In Full” and zeros the jump balance. If you do not want to pay for your video choice yet, you can unselect the video option.

Step 8- Save Jumper and add in any additional jumpers. If they have a Groupon as well, just follow steps 3-7 for them as well. Then continue to the terms and conditions. Once you hit “Agree and Continue” it will save your booking and email you a confirmation as well as the link to sign your waiver.